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How we’re turning our company’s unavoidable CO2 emissions into new British woodlands with Allstar's Ecopoint Programme.

Vehicle emissions are an increasing problem across the UK – accounting for more than 19% of the country’s total carbon footprint. Like many companies, we are very aware of the need to reduce our CO2 emissions and are continuously looking for opportunities to minimise the impact of our work on the environment. On this basis we have chosen to work with Allstar, who have partnered with Forest Carbon to create the Ecopoint programme.

Ecopoint makes it simple for our drivers, who are all holders of Allstar fuel cards, to capture the carbon dioxide from their driving in new UK government certified carbon woodlands. As a member of Allstar, our drivers collect Ecopoints when they refuel and the programme then uses the funds to invest in woodland creation around the UK.

Over time these new woodlands will not only capture a vehicle’s carbon dioxide, they will also help to reduce flooding, provide habitats for nature, capture other atmospheric pollutants, purify rivers, and offer recreational space for people.

The team at Hillingdon Flooring will receive an annual e-certificate to show how many trees have been planted for us and how much carbon dioxide the trees are expected to capture. This means we’re able to keep track of the progress of the programme and keep to date on how many trees have been planted, and where they are.

By being a member of this fantastic programme, we’re helping to create new woodlands in the UK and make a tangible contribution to environment.

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